Black Friday Experience

Well today was my first ever participation in Black Friday.  I’ve always heard the news stories, and talk to people that have gone shopping at that insane hour in the morning.  But I’d always just shrugged it off as a sort of niche thing that “normal” people didn’t really have much to do with.  But apparently (once again) I’M the one who’s far from normal.

I had a live broadcast today from Orschlen’s.  It’s a new personal record for earliest remote I’ve ever done (6AM – 9AM).  And as I was driving across town, I first noticed the cars lined up and parked around the block from Sears.  “Wow,” I thought.  Must be some deals there or something.  THEN I drive past Wal-Mart.  HO-LEE-CRAP.  There wasn’t an empty space in the entire parking lot.  Infact people were parking at the stores and fast food joints next to Wal-Mart just to get in that place.  I can’t even imagine what it was like on the inside.  And this is just Great Bend, Kansas!  I mean good greif!

So I pull up to Orschlen’s about 30 minutes before they opened to start setting up equipment.  Sure enough, there were already people lined up outside the store.  I’ll be honest.  I assumed that Orschlen’s would be 2nd or 3rd on people’s priority list.  But that place was jam packed for a good 2 hours and then pretty steady after that.

I mean they had some good deals.  Pretty much everything I didn’t really need.  But they had a really nice mounted work light set that I snatched up for $20.  I figure for $20 that will help working on stuff after dark.  With the shorter days, it’s a shame to let all that time go to waste.

So that’s my Black Friday introduction.  After seeing that Wal-Mart parking lot though I can’t imagine I’ll ever be bold enough to run in THAT crowd.

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  1. I’m not a big Black Friday participant. I’ve gone a couple times and it isn’t bad. Some of the deals they have are really not too bad. Of the handful of stores I have gone to I’d have to say that 99% of the time people are rational, calm, even polite. Walmart, was a different experience.

    As far as Walmart goes…it’s a waste of time to hit it. It would have to be something that I really wanted to get, an incredible bargain, whatever that would make me put myself in front of some screaming, hysterical women trying to fight for an object. In my opinion, Walmart eggs that crap on. Come on, I’ve hit several stores on Black Friday and the only one that had mass hysteria is Walmart. In my opinion, if Walmart would grow a pair and institute a little crowd control then people wouldn’t get trampled, people wouldn’t scream, push and shove trying to get that last PlayStation3 on sale–or whatever fad of the moment that they are apparently willing to fight for.

    How about we fight for kindness, decency, moral integrity and Christian values instead. I dunno, my opinion, I could be wrong.

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