Daily Archives: November 29, 2009

Sometimes it’s just good to relax.

Seems like it’s been one extreme or the other lately.  Thanksgiving was real laid back and a nice break from the routine.  Only to turn around on Friday and work 5:30 AM to 7 PM.  Yesterday was busy cleaning house and then off to work, coming home cleaning some more and then playing a few hours of Blackjack with Biebs and Andrea’s family.

But today has been nothing but lazy.  I haven’t even had to put on a pair of shoes.  Hehe.  Played some Guild Wars and spent most of the day watching football and just relaxin.  My Vikes s pare still rolling and I really have to take back all the bad stuff I ever said about Farve.

No real point to today’s post.  Just need to keep  the streak going and since I didn’t do anything today, there’s not much to talk about!  I need to set some new short term goals I think.