What to do with the Blazer?

Worst case scenario should I go fuggin nuts.

Damn.  I missed a day of posting.  Oh well.  I’m back and beating my average.  =)

So the Blazer has been for sale for a few days now.  Gotten at least a call or two a day on it.  I don’t want to turn this into a complain-fest.  But I REALLY hate selling stuff.  Half the people that have came and looked at it so far act shocked that it has issues.  And the other half have been, “TOTALLY AWESOME“, then never hear from them again.  Okay.  I get it.  I mean, I’m the same way.  Always looking for the deal of the year.  I can’t hold it against anybody.

So the reality is what do I do with this machine.  I’ve been driving it to work this week and it hasn’t had any problem getting me the three blocks back and forth.  But I’ll be honest.  If I want to go across town, I take the Toronado.  Ha ha!  If I could figure out the bogging down thing, I wouldn’t hesitate to keep it.  But before I can get that far… I’m going to have to throw some money at it.  So I’ve been tossing it around in my head and can’t really decide what I want to do.

So here’s some options, regardless of your automotive knowledge what do you think makes the most sense.  Feel free to offer other options than the ones listed.  I am choosing to list them from “cheapest” to “fully financially committed”.

1)  Keep it for sale at $800 until it sells.

2)  Keep it for sale, but lower the price until I at least get what I paid for it.

3)  Keep it for sale, but keep trying to fix it in the meantime.

4)  Not for sale.  Invest in the proper tools to figure out what’s wrong.  Possibly (but rarely) ever use tools again.

5)  Not for sale.  Start replacing parts that might be bad (could be cheap, or end up being VERY expensive)

6)  Not for sale.  Take it to a shop and have them find out what’s wrong and then try to fix it myself.

7)  Not for sale.  Take it to a shop and tell them to fix it.

So there ya go.  I suppose this is a decision I should have made BEFORE I bought the thing, hehe, but I’m interested to see what folks think.  Now, I’m looking for candid opinions here.  I welcome those who would tell me how crazy I am for wanting to keep it, or those who think it has tons of potential.  It’d take a chunk of change, but hell I could drop a Chevy 350 in there if I really wanted to.  And that would solve my engine problems for SURE.

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  1. Chris and I say to keep it.

  2. Nice. That just might happen. Had one guy call really interested in it today. Drove 30 minutes to come see it and the damn thing wouldn’t start. It’s started fine all week until today and I just apologized all over the place.

    I got the word out to a guy here at work who knows some car guys and might be able to get his hands on a fuel pressure gauge that I can borrow. That will tell a lot of info about what’s going on with this thing. I think as of tomorrow I’m going to stop running ads for a while at least.

  3. I’d say keep trying until you’ve got no idea what to do next or no motivation left. Which ever happens to come first. In my opinon (not that I know anything) you don’t seem to want to pour a ton of money into it. So if you figure out what’s wrong and it’ll take more than you’d care to spend…that’s the point to say you’ve done all you can and let her go. At that point if its not selling what about a middle ground point on the price. More than you paid for it, because of the work and dollars you’ve put in, but maybe less than its currently priced at. Honestly though, you’re an intelligent man and you know what suits you best…. so I say go with your gut.

  4. I say go with option 6, worst case you are out the 40.00 it cost to have someone tell you what is wrong with it, but at least you will know.

  5. You guys rock. Jenn, you’re right I don’t want to put a ton of money into it. But I do want to get it to some sort of useful form if I’m going to keep it. I know it has some electrical issues, and I was able to find full wiring diagrams for this truck. So I think first thing I’m going to do is hack out all the redneck wiring and put things back the way they are supposed to be. Things under the dash and around the steering column are a total MESS!

    So that will take some time, but not a lot of money. THEN I’m going to find out what parts are screwed up that prompted the um… creative… fixes. Figure out what NEEDs replaced. And what can wait. Also if I can get my hands on that fuel pressure gauge that will help, but if I can’t. I’ll probably do as Catrina suggests and have a shop check it out. That way if the fule pressure is good, and it’s an injector or something different, I didn’t waste my money on a tool I’ll hardly ever use.

    We’ll see what happens.

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