A look back: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

What was I thinking?  I mean, I knew better.  I could hardly stand the first Turok game.  But when you’re as hopelessly consumed with games that you’ve already beaten everything and you have and darn near everything that’s ever came out for the N64 (the good stuff anway), what’s a kid to do?  Turok 2 gets off to a good start right off the shelf with a cool leathery textured box and a slick black cartridge. Sadly the trend of being more fun to look at than actually play continues from the box art to the screen once you fire it up in the system.

Ends up, the reasoning for purchasing this game can be summed up in just two words.  “Eye Candy”.  And as these re-reviews have proved to me time and time again pretty much EVERY game I bought on the N64 primarily for graphics hasn’t stood the test of time well.  Just like with games of today, back then some of the shortcomings in gameplay and fun PLAYING the game can be made up by the detail and awe the graphics provide.  Especially when 3D gaming was still in its infancy.  Cool new effects and rendering techniques were a joy to experience for the first time.  But as time goes on and other snazzy looking games come out, older graphics just don’t impress like they used to.

For me this game was all about graphics. And yes. That's a dinosaur with cannons on its back.

So this was a difficult game to re-play.  The level design is sketchy at best.  Precarious jumps from platform to platform seem like a needless challenge that serves only to frustrate.  I found myself ALWAYS low on ammo and having to back-pedal halfway across maps while chucking 10 arrows into a dinosaur with a laser gun chasing me down.  It wasn’t long before I remembered the only way I ever made any progress in this game was by plugging in the “All Weapons and Ammo” cheat.

This was one saving grace this game had.  There were some really interesting weapons.  Over the top stuff like the “Cerebreal Bore”.  The instruction manual explains some BS about locking on to enemy brainwaves.  But the fact is it’s cool just to kick back, lock on to an enemy’s skull and watch this slow moving projectile pursue some random rifle toting dinosaur monster thing as they scamper away, then drill into their skull and then BOOM!  Sounds graphic and for the time it probably was, but it certianly doesn’t look realistic by any stretch.

The gore was excessive enough to be humorous in most cases.

Unfortunately that’s it.  Once I’d had fun playing with all the guns, there was just no motivation to keep playing the game.  The story isn’t integral to the game, so you don’t really care what happens next, and the levels and enemies aren’t interesting enough to care what’s around the next corner.

If nothing else Turok 2 is a good example of how hopelessly obsessed I was with gaming at the time.  When I could beat a game in a week or two tops, and it was months, or even years at times between decent games, as Gramps would say, “We played with what we had at the time.”  Unfortunately the time I spent with Turok 2 was much better spent doing just about anything else.  I never even got close to beating the game.  And the tacked on multi-player was utterly worthless.  So as little as the game had to offer back then… I truly see NO redeeming qualities today.


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  1. Did you have the first game on this? For some reason I remember it and remember getting so ticked off when trying to get through the last level. I can still kinda of remember thinking, “Ok, you go around this corner and there is a monster, at the end of this is a mons….CRAP!” Then I was history!

  2. We didn’t have the game, but we rented it a few times from the IGA. Back when the first Turok game came out, there was probably only about 10 games available for the Nintendo 64.

    Another game that we rented a ton that I actually would like to find today is, International Superstar Soccer 64! That game was awesome. “HE GOT A RED CARD!?” Haha!

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