About me – Dec 12, 2009

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Andrea and I during our visit to Yellowstone

Andrea and I during our visit to Yellowstone

If you asked Andrea to describe me, she’d probably say I’m goofy, funny, smart, devilishly handsome, and never wrong. She knows me so well! Okay, perhaps she wouldn’t say that.

For the most part I strive to keep things as uneventful as possible. Despite my efforts, it’s been pretty interesting so far. I got married to the most lovable girl in the world in June of 2008 (that’s Andrea). No kids…yet. Just a 10 pound cat and a 10 pound dog. They’re both very annoying in their own special way.

I’m currently working at Eagle Radio and Hull Broadcasting in Great Bend, KS.  People ask me what I do there and it’s kinda hard to answer.  I am on air occasionally.  7AM – 10AM Saturday mornings, but outside of that it’s pretty random depending on who’s on vacation and whether there’s any remotes going on.  I get to work on our webpages, make commercials, do traffic logs and a whole variety of stuff.  It’s fun being able to have a hand in a little bit of everything, but at times it can keep me feeling a little spread thin.  All in all it’s worth it though.

Our Geek Station

Our Geek Station

I can’t deny my geeky-ness, so I’ve decided to embrace it. And don’t let Andrea talk any smack about me. She’s just as geeky as I am. I enjoy working on computers, and every time I make an upgrade…it’s just a matter of weeks before she has to have a BETTER upgrade in her computer. She’s weird like that and I love her for it. I most certainly wouldn’t have married her if she were a “normal” person. We do lame things together like sit next to each other on our computers and send instant messages back and forth. Or team up in a game of Rise of Nations, form an alliance and annihilate the rest of the world. So before you ask to come over and visit…know what world you’re stepping into!

My 1985 Oldsmobile Toronado

My 1985 Oldsmobile Toronado

Another obvious obsession of mine is cars. I’m no mechanic, but I enjoy getting outside and turning the wrench, letting off some steam. It’s almost therapeutic. I bought this 1985 Toronado Caliente back in 2006. The paint was faded, exhaust rusted out, headliner sagging. I’ve put a lot of work into it and like to think it looks halfway respectable now. It has over 230,000 miles on it and still runs like a champ. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive this baby anywhere! It’s comfortable, quiet, and a true example of 80’s luxury. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m proud of it. Click the picture of the car to the left and it’ll take you to my Picasa gallery where you can check out more pictures if you’d like including some mid-work shots.

Original KartMasters Webpage logo.  Cir. 1997

Original KartMaster's Webpage logo. Cir. 1997

The website here has really evolved over the years, dating back to the early days of Geocites.com, when you could get a free website WITHOUT all the ads plastered all over the place. There I cut my teeth on basic HTML, rambled on about my Nintendo 64 games, and created the first “Helen Hunt Gallery”. I clearly remember, the banner above was created with Ulead PhotoImpact 3 (I think it’s up to 12 now). I recently tried to track down the old site, but it had been abandoned for so long, it was apparently purged.

Some time later I began talking to another Helen Hunt site owner, Justin. Who was trusting enough to send an $80 check through the mail to form a partnership that gave birth to somefantastic.com. It was a shared domain that we used to host our websites for a good two years. From here The Helen Hunt gallery reached its pinnacle. Several GoldenEye Fest were organized and reported on. It was truly a golden age for the website.

The Update Bus

The Update Bus

As time went on life happened. We all agreed not to renew somefantastic.com and it soon became a spam search placeholder. My site was revamped and hosted on Dad’s Ucom webspace, where it still resides. From here the site slowly started to take the blog form which it holds today. However it was cumbersome to update, and consequently, rarely was. Although this generation of the site is famous for creating the Update Bus! A photoshopped image of Christian band Disciple’s tour bus.

In 2005 I signed up for my first blog. I created a profile at Blogger and began blogging away! All of the old Blogger posts have been archived and are still accessible here on bgwillers.com. The service was horrid however. The site was frequently down. And at times when it was up, posting was impossible. I don’t know how much hair I ripped out after making long eloquent posts, only to have them lost to the mists because of a Blogger error. Shortly after being introduced to WordPress, I moved the blog to where it now resides.

So I guess I’m the guy in charge around here. But I do share the site with a few close friends and family. Of course everyone is welcome to read and comment. However, there are a few other contributors here on the site besides myself.



I’ve known Biebs for a long time. We ran around doing all sorts of stupid crap in middle school and high school. We’ve just seemed to keep in touch ever since. Tech savvy and artistic…and single, ladies! Be sure to check out his website at www.biebsworld.com.

Mom showing off her super power.  Hidden attack cats.

Mom showing off her super power. Hidden attack cats.

I’ve known Mom for a long time too! Ha ha. She’s always hung around the website offering words of encouragement or asking what the hell I’m talking about when somebody goes off on a big tech post. She’s a healthy dose of common sense and just as annoyed with the world as everybody else around here!

Andrea not looking at the blog.

My lovely wife Andrea. She doesn’t post here much. But I’m sure it’s because she’s doing far more important things. Like being nice to me, and teaching me to be organized. She’s the light of my life and I’d be in big trouble if I didn’t give her permission to post on the blog!

So now you should know a little more than you knew before. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site!

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