Daily Archives: January 13, 2010

Communication is the key!

Well one of the benefits of my recent lack of motivation is that I’ve had plenty of time to *gasp* watch TV.  Something I don’t usually do a ton of.  Biebs introduced the show “Big Bang Theory” to me quite some time ago when it first came out, and I watched a few clips, but never really felt like sitting down and watching a show.

So now with a lack of anything better to do, Andrea dug up some episodes of the show and we started watching.  A couple episodes in and (a few years late to the show) I’m hooked.

We’re both really enjoying the show, so we’ve been trying to watch all the episodes together, but it’s HARD.  Especially when she’s off bowling and I have nothing to do for about three hours.  So after resisting for as long as I could, I went ahead a few episodes and just figured I’d watch them again when sat down and watched them “together”.

So only after we sat down at lunch and watch an episode (which I’d already seen) did I find out that Andrea had done the SAME THING TOO!  So we both re-watched an episode that we both thought the other didn’t watch only because we didn’t tell each other about skipping ahead.

So maybe if we’d been honest with each other we could have actually seen something new!