Daily Archives: January 17, 2010

Pleasant Weekend

Well it’s been a real nice weekend. Or at least my recollection of it is nice. Started out late Friday when we headed over to Charlie’s Place for some beverages with several former Rocking M folks. Had some good times laughing over the old stories. The occasion was the departure of Matt, the last person that was left in programming at the old station I worked at across town. They’re down to the front desk gal, and a couple sales people. No regrets about the tough decision I made last year, sentiments that were echoed around the table.

After a late night we were able to sleep in. Saturday and watch the Saints thwomp the Cardinals. Which will make NEXT Sunday interesting as now the Vikings put on a real impressive show today. I’m excited and nervous. I’ve never rooted for a team that had a CHANCE at a champ-a-ma-thingy.

Went to the store over the weekend too. You ever have little annoyances that just bug you to no end, but they just seem like they aren’t a big enough deal to worry about? Well we were at the store and I decided I was going to go ahead and nip two things that had bugged me for a long time. Got new drip pans for the stove, and a new el cheapo coffee maker.

Black rather than chrome after the last experience...

$14.00. No timers. Just old schooly on/off switch.

I subscribe to Mom’s school of thought when it comes to coffee makers. It really does no good to drop a bunch of cash on a coffee maker when the tap water is so hard that it eventually ends up getting ruined anyway, no matter how much you try to clean it. The last coffee maker we had was real nice, but even with regular cleaning, it still only lasted a little over two years. So until I end up with a water softener (unlikely) I’ll stick with the bottom shelf Mr. Coffee maker.

In contrast, I skimped on the last set of trim rings I bought for the stove. And it didn’t take but a week for the fake chrome the flake off the chinesium surface. After a few heat cycles and a couple passes with comet just trying to keep the stove clean, they looked like a beer can that had been sitting in a campfire overnight. Decent drip pans are freakin’ expensive though. But tired of looking at the old ones; I dropped the cash for new ones which hopefully last until we move out of this place!

Helped Andrea wash and wax the car, played some of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii that we recently picked up. And just had an all around great weekend. Here’s hoping a week full of sports board-op-ing is at least tolerable!