Daily Archives: January 24, 2010

Saints 31 – Vikings 28

Well it was a good game.  Hell it was a fantastic game.  It was frustrating, exciting and just about every other emotion.  I so desperately wanted the Vikings to win.  So many times we had a chance to do so.  One less fumble, one less interception and we could have had it.  But because of those things, the Saints were the better team tonight.  So congrats to them.  I’ll be rooting for them in the Super Bowl.

For years I’ve despised the Packers but still found a small once of respect for Brett Favre as a player.  He always was a guy who just looked like he loved to play the game.  It took a few games into this season seeing him in purple but I got behind him.  He’s a great player and I’d be willing to guess after tonight’s game, he’s finally going to call it “good” and enjoy retirement.  It was fun watching what I believe is his last NFL game, even if I wish the outcome would have been different.