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Two clean rides

They’re oldies, but they shine up alright!

Washed the cars over lunch today so I ended up not eating anything.  Which made me really really hungry by the time I got home after work today.  We’ve had a brisket simmering in the crockpot since this morning and MAN was it tasty.  A long with cornbread, veggies, mashed potatoes… I’m STUFFED.  Gonna relax for a bit then head to a play at the Crest Theater here soon.  Haven’t seen a stage show in such a long time, I’m looking forward to it.

It’s been a good day so far!

Express Checkout!

This is too cool!  Grandma Dee sent this to me today and I just had to share it.    It’s a 13 ft. tall shopping cart with a souped up Chevy engine.  This is something I would have LOVED to take to Prom in High School or something, haha.  Plus I could fit a lot of frozen pizza in there.

New shoes!

Okay, not a new photo, but I'm not running out to take a pic of my tires at 6AM!

Well last time I posted about wheel opinions, which I brought up because I was really in the market for new tires.  I went ahead and bit the bullet on the tires, so if I ever do decide to get wheels, I’m limited to the same size wheels I have now (15″) which isn’t terrible since I’m not a big fan of the huge rims.  Although I was considering going up as high as 17″.  But oh well.

For a long long time I’ve been fighting a vibration going down the road.  It all started back shortly before we moved to Great Bend when my right rear caliper locked up… overheated and warped my right rear rotor.  But at the time being in the middle of a wedding and not even having enough money to get ourselves moved… I was forced to drive it for a while.  Eventually I got the caliper and rotor fixed which eliminated most of the vibration, but as my negligence continued it actually wore the tire out of round, taking a tiny bit of rubber off the side of the tire that had been dragging on the warped rotor.  The result was that even after I had all new hardware installed, there was still a slight vibration that got REALLY annoying above 60 MPH or so.  As such my car was relegated to around town duty while the Mustang hauled us on long trips to Minnesota, Wichita and SWK all the time.

So now four new tires and from what I can tell, the vibration is gone!  The ride is smooth and comfortable (or at least as comfortable as it can be on Great Bend’s awful streets).  I’m really anxious to hit the hiway and set the cruise.  This car is so comfortable and easy to drive that it just makes the miles melt away.

As I look outside, now about 7 o’clock and the skies are lightening up it makes me anxious for the spring time.  I have a laundry list of automotive goals I need to get done.  Priority one, get the Blazer serviceable.  That is going to be a long term project I feel as I’m going to have to rewire the whole driver’s dash area and some under the hood.  I need to do some maintenance to the Mustang, replace some gaskets and check out the transmission fluid.  And my car needs a radiator flush, some exhaust work, and a little touching up on my cheap bastard paint job.  Should be enough to keep me busy through the summer!

Wheel Opinions

This is just a quick photoshop of a wheel I found that (supposedly) would fit my car.  Trying to decide how they’d look on my car.  If I could find a used set I’d probably go for it.  But I don’t really think I want to drop $170 a piece for them brand new.

American Racing Chrome Aero

Amazing mind trip!

Okay, this is what you do when you have amazing skills.  Check out the photo this fella took.  Looks pretty good for late 50’s photography.  As I’ve posted before, I love taking old photos like this and “colorizing” them to kind of experience what it would have looked like if you had actually been there.

But a fella named Micheal Paul Smith took the concept just a bit further.  And all he needed was a nice camera, a little photoshop touch-up, and some serious skills!

This is a real photograph. No colorization at all.

How’d he do it?  Would you believe those cars are just models he built!?

Micheal Paul Smith.

WOW!  Just WOW!  He has truly done some amazing work.  Check out his slideshow if you ever get a chance!

Fun with stuff that’s almost 100 years old.

So I’ve had this idea for a while that I wanted to do something somewhat different with audio on the site.  I wanted to have two things going at once in each speaker, but both related.  I hadn’t really thought of a way for it to (kinda) make sense until now.  A while ago I put a “superloud” needle in the old Victrola.  The increase in sound quality and (you guessed it) volume were amazing.  I tried to capture it as best I could with my crummy microphone but it just doesn’t do it justice.

At any rate, Here is Gloria Hart & the Art Kassel Orchestra.  In your left speaker you will hear the mid 50’s press, recorded (crapily) from the Victrola, and in the right speaker, the 2008 digitally remastered CD version.


First podcast of the decade

Well I was feelin’ it today and decided to knock out a Podcast.  Not saying it’s interesting, but as usual bring me your tired, your creepy and your bored.  They shall be served.