Yup, I guess it’s official. I’m an old man.

For those unfamiliar with the Dropkick Murphy’s, here’s a video of their latest song:

We went to Kansas City over the weekend with Andrea’s sister Trina and her husband Jason.   Had a good time roaming around, but the main reason we went up there was to see the band.  It was at the Beaumont Club which was basically just a giant room with a dancefloor, a bar, and a stage.  We showed up shortly before the first band went on.  I was optimistic about the experience because while there were quite a few people there you still had room to move around a bit.

The first band was Larry and His Flask.  To be honest I think I enjoyed them even more than Dropkick.  Maybe it was the crazy dude jumping around stage with the bass violin, or just the fact that we hadn’t been smothered by people yet.  But either way I thought their music was very different and cool.  The second band was just a bunch of screaming.  And by the time the Murphy’s took the stage it was so packed in there I was sticking my head up, not so much as to see the band, as I was to get a gulp of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good time and I’m very glad we went.  But given the choice I’d actually prefer experiencing my live music in a place where I can sit down, listen to the band, and perhaps even enjoy a cool beverage.  And this I why I say, apparently I’m already a grumpy old man.

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  1. Nah, you’re not at all old. Everyone has “their bubble space”. Some of us have smaller bubbles.

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