I’m back!

Many apologies for my serious lack of posting as of late.  I’m just rebounding from being as sick as I can remember for quite some time.

The worst part about being sick, is that when you are sick, it is impossibly difficult to remember what it felt like to be well, normal, and just relaxed.  I had a cold and fever for two days that left every muscle in my body tense and sore, and once that went away a pounding three day headache utterly sucked my will to do anything but bury myself in covers and wait for it to be over.

In the meantime there were birthday parties to attend, and work that had to be done.  Calling in on Monday is one thing, but on a Friday the options are either “spend all day on the phone trying to explain how to do what it is you do to the people that just know you ‘take care of it’.”  Or just go get it done and keep everything as low key as possible.  So Friday I called and said I was feeling terrible but I was going to come in a bit late.  I knocked out everything that was absolutely required, then retreated home for a breif rest before heading down to Wichita for a Nephew’s birthday party.  The entire stretch was exhausting.

So now it feels like light is finally returning to my world and I can resume whatever boring and mundane goals I had before my brush with despair.  I try to take a little something from every experience, and I think from this one I can truly be thankful for the health that I have, and the fact that I am RARELY ever really sick like that.  I feel like I can be a little less than understanding of those who live with constant pain because I’m well so much of the time, but I really am thankful for what I have, because that constant discomfort really effects your attitude in a big way, at least it did for me.  Perhaps I’m just a baby.

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  1. Glad to hear you guys are feeling better! Andrea said she was on medicine for an ear infection. I feel for both of you!!!

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