Spring, I greet you with open arms!

It’s been a long winter and the past couple evenings after work have been absolutely GLORIOUS.  So I’ve tried to take full advantage.  Grilled up some brats last night and got the Toronado all waxed up.  Andrea got her oil changed (by herself as always!) and we were going to rotate her tires, but my air hose blew out and I didn’t feel like ACTUALLY wrenching the lugnuts off.  =P

Also took the time to finally go introduce myself to our new neighbor behind us.  The old lady moved out a couple months back and in that time the house has just sat empty.  To be completely honest I had been dreading who would move in back there.  The old lady was nice because you know she wasn’t going to be bothering us.  As it turns out a young gal about Andrea’s and my age moved in.  Not sure if she’s going to the college here or what.  Didn’t want to dive into the life stories on our first conversation.  But she seems alright.  Fairly shy, which makes for a good neighbor I suppose!

Tonight I cruised around a little bit with the windows down.  Then just hung out with Andrea a bit before she headed off to bowl.  Now I’m here blogging enjoying a frosty brew and wondering what happens next.  If it’s nothing, I’m fine with that!

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  1. I agree! Even though it’s been a busy week here, I have been able to get outside a little and enjoy it. Even my grass is trying to green up. Hopefully I can get a garden going this year. I’m so ready for the new beginnings of spring!

  2. A garden here would be great, but there’s just no room. Maybe we should try one of those indoor windowsill gardens or something. Or a hydroponic garden in the basement. hehe

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