Slow progress.

Hasn't moved much this winter. But Spring breaths life back into many things.

Normal people wouldn’t have bought this truck.  Normal people would have had to been duped into taking this thing home.  Having discovered being duped, normal people would have dumped this thing as quickly as possible (I guess I tried that for a short while).  (Un)Fortunately, normal I am not.

With the return of tolerable weather I’ve taken a bit of time to dive back into the Blazer.  For now, I’m convinced that the issues with this thing lie in the redneck wiring.  I think I’ve finally “undone” all the crazy cooky wiring (that I’ve found).  Now I have to get it back the way it was originally.  This will be the interesting part as there’s wires under the dashboard that have been cut and then disappear into the darkness beyond.  The good news is that I have factory wiring diagrams.  So worst case scenario, I’ll just COMPLETELY re-wire the offending circuits.

Simple, right?

I have been able to fix the battery drain by undoing the jacked up wires.  No more having to unhook the battery cable every night!  And after all the hacked up connections were undone, I noticed a few things.  ONE, the fuel pump runs when you apply battery power to the fuel pump test terminal.  TWO, the fuel pump is supposed to run for a few seconds when the key is ON, but engine not running.  It does not.  and THREE, I am no longer able to read Check Engine codes without redneck wiring.

My initial deduction is that now the computer isn’t getting any power.  Even if this thing were brand new from day one, I should be getting the NO RPM code when I try to read the codes.  But to be sure I have to make sure that it’s the computer that’s disconnected, and not just the diagnostic port I’m trying to read codes from.

It’s just one little problem at a time, one little circuit at a time.  Eventually it will all be back to normal and I will discover what $40 part was broken in the first place that started this whole mess.

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  1. Insane! I think you’re a genius! I always knew you were a rather intelligent man but this wiring stuff is a whole new area! Impressive….good luck.

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