More wiring woes (Not the Blazer)!

Would you like that toasted?

Tuesday nights Andrea bowls league, which means I usually get some Guild Wars time in.  So there I am trudging through the Ring of Fire in Hard Mode (geek), when Andrea calls.  I just figure she’s calling to update me on her awesome bowling results for the night.  Turns out she needs a ride home because it’s 10PM and her headlights won’t come on on the Mustang.  SUPER!

So not much we can do in the bowling alley parking lot in the dark, so we just left her car there and picked it up in the morning.  By the time I’d gotten home from work yesterday, my awesome wife ALREADY had her dash halfway apart and found the problem.  Someone had repaired one of the wires at the light switch at one point with one of those crimp connectors and it had burnt itself to a crisp to the point that the wire just fell out.  Ever since I got a soldering iron, I can’t stand those crimp connectors.

So Andrea did all the grunt work herself.  I just did the soldering and she got it all back together.  Had a brief scare when we tested our work and the lights still didn’t come on, but found that the power lead had came out of the harness.  Snapped that back in and viola!  And easy fix.  Well at least my part was!

Best of all… Cost to fix:  $0.00

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  1. Yay! Kudos to you, Andrea!

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