I’m A Shining Blade.

For those who haven’t been keeping tabs (can’t think of anyone in my circles who would be…) the folks that make Guild Wars kicked off a little viral marketing campaign last month at the Game Developers Conference and ComiCon by handing out these little propaganda fliers.  The fliers had a little barcode in the corners that linked to a page on the Guild Wars website.  Later a rival “faction” vandalized the page and the one-upmanship continued for a few weeks while fans picked sides of either the authorative and powerful White Mantle, or rebellious and liberating Shining Blade.

"Vandalized" White Mantle poster.

As fans chose sides some decided to role-play into the movement a bit, bringing familiar political spin to the legend and lore of the Guild Wars story.  All of which took place up to that video being posted tonight on the GuildWarsGuru.com forums.

It’s been fun to watch, and it’s all leading up to some new content and a nice side story for Guild Wars 5th anniversary coming up this month.  And for the record… Dismantle!


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