Finally Disabled Facebook

This isn’t a huge thing since rarely am I ever on there.  Occasionally I’d get an e-mail that I have a friend request or someone sends me a message directly, but unless prompted I never got on just to see what’s going on.  Over the past few months I’d been getting friend requests from some of the most random people I’ve ever met.  Folks that I’ve barely shared a conversation with, folks I couldn’t stand, folks I haven’t seen since I was 10 years old…  When I spent more time ignoring notifications than anything else I truly wondered why I even have an account there.

Originally I only created the account so that Andrea could link to me as who she’s married to.  And if she objects I surely can just reactivate my account.  But I’m quite certain that I won’t be missed by the Facebook community at large.

Sorry to all the farmers that lost a neighbor today.

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