Whew, busy!

Man alive!

Ever since our radio auction at work I feel like I’ve been playing constant catch-up.  That was several weeks ago yet, and still I find myself scrambling to fit everything done I need to do into a short day.  Now with a short week I’m trying to squeeze as much stuff in as I can.  I need to be able to let a few things slide and deal with the recovery when I get back… but for some reason I keep thinking I can do enough not to be behind when I return.  Yeah right!

So I’ve been sacrificing some time on the net to get some other things accomplished around the house.  Got the valve cover gasket changed out on Andrea’s car this past weekend which seems to be holding well.  Got my old cracked tail light lens swapped out on the Toro.  Did a bunch of dishes and laundry the past few days.  So I’ve been productive, which when you’re busy I guess that’s all you can ask for!

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