Victory over redneck!

You may have heard, but the Blazer is fully operational!  Got the new fuel pump installed on Saturday and lo and behold she fired right up and didn’t miss a beat!

Dropping the fuel tank was not a fun job.  Not hard, but awkward angles and tight spaces when it comes to disconnecting all the lines and hoses off the fuel tank.  But with a good bit of patience it is all pretty easy.  With the tank out everything looked good, but apparently the old fuel pump just couldn’t put out the pressure needed to fire off the fuel injector.  Swapping out the old fuel pump for the new one was pretty straight forward too.

I admit I was nervous to fire it up.  I really didn’t know what to expect, after all the work we’d been doing and nothing really got better, I was almost convinced that it was just never going to run right.  So it’s a huge relief to be able to just hop in and drive it whenever.

The next hurdle will take some time.  I still don’t trust it.  I still sit at a stoplight and hope it doesn’t die when I hit the gas, or cringe just a little bit when I turn the wipers hoping I don’t blow a fuse.  But should time prove it to be a somewhat dependable old truck, I think it will be a worth while investment even though we probably ended up paying quite a bit more than it’s worth considering all the parts we bought.

Go, Blazer Go!

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  1. Way to go! I knew you guys could do it!!!

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