Morning Person

You know, for as long as I’ve been a night owl, I’m surly starting to appreciate the mornings.  Here it is, Sunday 6AM and I actually set my alarm to get up this early.  I let the dog out and sat on the back steps for a while, just enjoying what is bound to be the coolest air we’ll see today, and just listened to the birds and the crickets.  Here on the main drag in Great Bend it just doesn’t get this quiet that often.

I noticed that all those things I swore would never happen to me as I got older just kinda happen.  When I was a kid there’s no way I would have gotten up this early on purpose unless I had a very specific and necessary reason to do so.  Nor would I look at the clock and think of 9:00 as “getting late”.

But we still have some youthful fun.  Andrea hauled her desktop computer out to the living room yesterday and hooked it up to the HDTV to enjoy her new video card.  We had to run network cords, power cords, audio/video cords all over the house to make it happen.  It reminded me of the old LAN parties we used to have.  Things like that I think you shouldn’t have to outgrow.

Posted on June 20, 2010, in Nostalgiariffic, Sleep. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. It seems like we are switching places! Now I get off work and force myself to go to bed by 2 or 3 so I am at least up by 10!

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