Let’s pitch this tent!

We’re wanting to do some camping this summer and we needed a new tent since last year ours finally was getting some pretty decent holes in it. I wanted to do a little research before I just went out and bought a random tent. Come to find out a lot of the Wal-Mart tents SEVERAL people had complained about poles breaking. Since no one else sold tents here in Great Bend I was forced to order online.

I ordered this tent Tuesday with two-day shipping and it finally showed up yesterday (Monday). We didn’t get to camp this weekend and I called Sears and told them that I wouldn’t have paid extra for two day shipping if I knew that they were going to wait two days to ship it anyway. To my suprise, their customer service rep not only spoke english and understood my problem, but also went above and beyond and refunded my entire shipping cost! I don’t mind when people or companies make mistakes, as long as they make an effort to correct it, and I was very satisfied with how they handled it!

Our last tent was a good tent. It was small, but it was super easy to set up, and real sturdy in the wind. So with this one I wanted something that wasn’t complicated to set up, but wouldn’t mind something bigger. Turns out we found a great deal on the Coleman 10×12. Just two poles and a rainfly and you’re done. One person can probably easily set it up in 10 minutes.  Should serve us pretty well.

Our little yellow tent had a good run.

Now we just have to find a free weekend to hit up the lake!

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  1. Nice tent! I can’t wait til next summer and I have PTO built up and can go camping, too!

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