Possibly the greatest ad ever.

This is part of an entire campaign for Dos Equis about “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.  Presumably the idea was originally based on Chuck Norris, but Chuck held out for more cash (as well he should).

The thing that makes this ad so great is the power it delivers in just 15 seconds.  He points out a truth that you may, or may not have considered.  The “complimentary” salty nuts you find in many bars are actually there just to make you more thirsty… and also buy more beer.  Somewhat scandalous if you think about it.  But of course if that beer is Dos Equis… that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Notice he doesn’t even say Dos Equis.  Hell, he doesn’t even say beer.  But the message that Dos Equis is a good beer, is obvious.

It’s stuff like this I wish I could get away with at the radio station.  But here… if you don’t say the advertisers name at least 3 times and recite a street address and a telephone number… then to the client it just doesn’t make sense.

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