Andrea is the coolest!

FFXIII Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

Lookie what she got me for my birthday!  It’s pretty sweet.  To be completely honest, I’m not much of a strategy guide guy.  I like at least my first play through a game to be a complete act of challenge and discovery.  And when I do need a guide, I usually just use IGN.  But this is a little bit different.  This is a very nice hardback bound book.  It’s certainly exhaustive in its detail of the game, and features tons of great artwork to boot.  It’s really a neat item to have and even if a person isn’t a Final Fantasy fan, I could lay this on the coffee table and people would pick it up just out of curiosity.

I really like it.  I haven’t finished FFXIII yet so I haven’t really tore through it yet, but it is one of the coolest video game things I own now!

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  1. How neat a gift is that!? Way to go Andrea!

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