The last Blazer post

Well we sold the Blazer.  Took about 24 hours after Andrea advertised it at CPI.  Asked for $900, got $900.  Guess I should have asked for more!

We got it running and took it for a spin.  And when we got back in the driveway, I looked at Andrea and said.  “I think we should sell it.”  She thought about it for a second, and agreed.  It was simply a trust issue.  We wanted to be able to head to the lake, or hit the road in it to go somewhere, and there was always going to be that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it could leave me stranded at any time.  In reality, we could say that about anybody’s car, but I just didn’t trust the Blazer.

We were honest when we sold it.  Said that it had a host of electrical issues when we got it, but we fixed what we think is all of it.  A ton of new parts.  I really hope it treats the guy well.  Said he’s going to use it for a huntin’ wagon.  Should be perfect!

It did feel a little weird for a while after it was gone.  I get too attached to vehicles.  But now that it’s been a day or so, I’m just thinking about the next big thing!  Haha.  El Camino again?

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  1. I was so excited when the car sold so quickly. Look how much you learned!

  2. You’re right. We did learn alot. Not just how to fix certian things… but what to look for when buying a car.

    Step one: Look for redneck wiring!

    Step two: If found, RUN AWAY!

    Ha ha. But truly, we still didn’t get out of it what we had into it, and that’s okay. Not counting gas and insurance, we’re probably only out a couple hundred. Not too bad for a little education and the small amount of utility and fun it provided while we had it.

    If somebody would have offered $600, I’d probably have taken it!

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