Camping at Kanopolis

Took the weekend to go camping for the first time this year.  It was just Daisy and me.  Andrea was down in Wichita doing some much needed wardrobe shopping.  It was nice to get away for a while.  It’s nice to be away from the world once in a while and alone in my thoughts.  While I’m not a very social person, there’s times when you’re out camping by yourself and about three hours go by and you realized you haven’t said a single word out loud, you feel the need to just start talking, just to say something.  I ended up recording a few videos into the camera for no reason.  I read a lot of my book, and otherwise just did a lot of thinkin’.

Kanopolis seems like a nice enough lake.  I didn’t really stay near the water, I didn’t have a fishing license anyway.  But I sure could have.  There weren’t that many people camping there at all.  Pretty much had my run of the place.  And best of all.  It was quiet and peaceful!  Here’s a few pics of the outing.

My campsite, got a compliment on the car on the way into the campground!

Storms looked to be rolling in most of the evening, but never saw a drop of rain!

Saturday was just too hot for Daisy. She was much more lively on Sunday.

The storms all around made for some cool weather pictures.


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  1. I sure have missed camping this summer! Kanopolis looks to be a nice place to pitch a tent. Maybe next year we can all take a weekend and spend a little time fishing and relaxing!

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