Blog from the pocket.

Blogging from my phone.  Trying this out since maybe it will help me ignore the blog a little less.  We’ve been doing a major software upgrade at work, and its pretty much consumed my life.  It’s been somewhat of a disaster until recently.  Starting to finally get things squared away.  Andrea was getting grumpy with me putting in long days for about three weeks.  But this week I’ve been getting home at a fairly reasonable hour.  Basically I’ve come to the point that I realize that the job will 100% consume my life… if I let it.  Don’t misunderstand.  I love my job, but I also love Andrea… and occasional sleep.  So for now I’m getting as much done as I can in a reasonable amount of time, and making sure we stay on the air.  No matter how fast things get done, it still needs done yesterday.


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