I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

You’ve gotta love some of the “titles” you can earn in Guild Wars.  Amongst being “Not Too Smelly”, “Slayer of All”, and a “Drunkard”.  I’m also now, “Kind Of A Big Deal” (Anchorman inspired).  So I’ve maxed 5 different titles.  Of course there’s 40 possible titles… so there’s a lot of folks that have done a lot more than I have.

Supposedly things like this are supposed to contribute somewhat if you decide to link your Guild Wars account to the upcoming Guild Wars 2 game.  The more stuff you have in your “Hall of Monuments” the better goodies you’ll get upon the launch of Guild Wars 2.  To what extent it is worthwhile, remains to be seen.

For now it’s just been kinda nice to have time to play Guild Wars again.  But to be honest, now that I’ve achieved KOABD… I think I’m going to get back to Final Fantasy XIII.  Haha!


Posted on October 2, 2010, in Guild Wars, Hells Yeah!, Milestones. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. supposedly they’ll be releasing info on which titles to target before the end of the year. that ought to let you specialize your gw time for more of FF

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