A few more Guild Wars locales.

I haven’t posted one of these in a while.  Gotten back into Guild Wars again recently.  Lately as I’m going around I’m taking the time to appreciate some of the scenery.  The artists and designers really created some breathtaking stuff.  Well breath taking for a 3-5 year old video game anyway.

The original Guild Wars: Prophecies is over 5 years old. In the video game world, that is ancient. Still... the original has some of the most beautiful and detailed scenes. Sometimes in places you walk by all the time. Here is Old Ascalon City.

Autumn in Ascalon.

The second chapter: Factions is most people's least favorite out of the three games. However I find the world to be absolutely beautiful. Most of my favorite scenes come from Guild Wars: Factions.

Plauge or not, living in Kaineng City would have to be just people living on top of people. Some of the towing structures are towing shacks that look like they'll topple if you look at it too long. Others are quite a bit nicer... like this one.

Heck, this is just the login screen.

Waterfalls are always cool. And there's no shortage of them in Guild Wars.

I don't want to go in there... do you? I have a feeling that's not a fluffy rabbit hole.

Gateway to Istan from Guild Wars Nightfall. How do they even imagine awesome architecture like this?

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  1. This spurred me to give GW a try again, but can’t get it to work. Rats! Maybe when you come out…

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