Status Update

What a windy good for nothing day.  You know those pictures NASA sends out of the Martian landscape they get from the rovers up there?  Desolate, windblown, frigid… yeah, that’s today here in Great Bend.  I opted out of walking to work today.  Take away my street cred if you must, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Andrea and I have been talking about whether or not to get our free membership to the gym going again.  I’d hate to get it and not use it because it costs the station money whether we use it or not once we sign up for it.  I know it’d be a good thing, but that place just closes too early.  If you’re not wrapping up your workout by 8:30 then you’re liable to get locked in.  And heading down anytime before 7:00pm is just madness.  I know I’d be good for us though.

Everything at work is really starting to come together.  It’s hard to believe the hell we were going though back in September with the whole system change.  There’s another radio station here in town that has been stuck on the wrong satellite all day.  Been giving Charlotte traffic reports all day.  Nice to know that we’re not the only place in the world that’s had a rough time.

Other than that, just plugging along.  I’m so darn proud of myself.  I’ve got almost all of my Christmas shopping done already.  Between the radio auction, and Black Friday deals online, I’ve knocked out about 90% of the Christmas list.  It’s a big stress reliever actually.  The money is spent already, so that’s behind us, and I don’t have to fret about what I’m going to bring as gifts for that trip to someone’s house we’re making THE NEXT DAY.  I know nobody’s suprised, but there’s been several years I’ve been wandering Wal-Mart at 8PM Christmas Eve hunting with all my might to find a somewhat reasonable gift.  This year… a breeze!

So keep on keepin’ on.  And I’ll try to do the same on my end!

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