There Goes the Neighborhood

Ugh… well we got our new neighbors this week.  I knew this would happen here eventually.  We’d been lucky so far that the folks that have lived behind us were 1) a quiet single guy, 2) elderly woman, and 3) single college student.

Now make that 4) Two hoodlum roommates.

The way our place is situated our house is what you see from the street.  But behind our house, literally in the back yard is another small house with a little two car garage.  There’s one driveway that runs from the street out front of our house, to the alley in the back.  It’s not ideal, but it works for now.  I guess I had kinda gotten used to a single person always living there (I’m pretty sure it’s a one bedroom house), so there was always one car there.  Made maneuvering around pretty doable.  Now there’s two cars back there, which sure they are entitled… but it makes getting in and out of our half of the garage a pain in the ass now.

The worst part is that ever since they moved in, people have been coming and going all the freakin’ time.  There were two high school aged kids that were sitting in the driveway, waiting for the new neighbors to get home for (no exaggeration) 4 hours.  There’s not too many things kids that age will wait that long for, and I’m pretty sure none of them are legal.

Maybe I’m a grumpy old fart now.  But I just don’t feel like putting up with it.  This really isn’t a great time for a move, but since we aren’t locked in to a lease here, I’m really going to start looking around.  Ugh.  I can’t wait until we’re ready to buy a house.

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  1. Let me know when moving day is and I’ll take some time off to help!

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