First off, I’m sorry that I haven’t kept up on the blog.  No excuses.  Just ma bad!

Tons have been going on.  Mostly I’ve been either communication with people the ye olde fashioned way, or for the most part, just not communicating much at all.

The big news is that Andrea and I are going to be parents!  Woo hoo!  It’s hard to imagine and I haven’t fully grasped how my life is going to change yet.  But I’ve obviously passed the point of no return.

The thing I’ve noticed is that everyone seems to want to welcome me to the club of misery.  Like, “Hey, congratulations! …  I hope you don’t like sleeping.”  Or “Way to go!  …  Kiss goodbye to life for 18 years to forever“.  Of course I’m naive but I just can’t imagine it being that terrible.  I’m sure I’d feel differently if I this were more of a suprise, or if I weren’t ready for all the hassle and drama.  But I really think Andrea and I are going to be pretty good parents.  We work well together now, why wouldn’t that carry over into parenthood?

In spite of everyone’s efforts to wish doom upon us, I’m still incredibly excited and optimistic.  To live in a world surrounded by idiots, it’s a very empowering feeling to know that I have the opportunity to put at least one good person out into the world.  I’m excited to at least try.

So as I write this Andrea is going to be about 11 weeks along already and the doctor gave her a due date of August 4th.  I have until then to enjoy all the perks of being kid-less.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I know you guys will be wonderful parents! You know how I know this? You see this as what it is…A blessing from God. You’ll see and appreciate this as a blessing every day! THAT is what will make you strive to be the best parents you can be.

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