Nintendo Thumb

Man, this hasn’t happened for quite some time.  I set my N64 up in the bedroom instead of the basement because its just too damn cold down there right now.  I braved the coldness with my little space heater for about an hour before I just said “screw it” moved my basement tv and the N64 up where it was actually above 60.

I played for about another hour on Super Mario N64 until it’s time for bed.  I didn’t realize while I was playing… but once I got done I felt it.  Just that tenderness and almost a feeling like when you just start getting a blister.

It’s the dreaded Nintendo thumb!  An injury known to sideline some of the all time greatest players.  Even in my own prime I was set back a few times by the injury.  Right in the middle of working on world record Mario Kart 64 times.  I would try to play through the pain, but when you realize that you can’t make the same cuts and you just aren’t as fast injured… that’s when you realize you’re better served to sit out and get healed up.  Then you can be close to 100% when you get back into the game.  Happens to everybody, right?

After last night I’m up to 40 stars.  These are the easy ones though.  Some of these later are just going to be nuts.

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