Livestream Page is erm… uh… Live.

You may or may not have noticed the inconspicuous “Live Stream” link at the top right of the page. It hasn’t been working until today. But now I have a LIVE channel here on the blog for whatever reason. I’ll pop it on randomly so if you’re up for some random stalking, that’s a good way to creep me out. But if I have something ACTUALLY worth viewing, I’ll try to put an announcement here on the blog or in the Twitter feed ahead of time.  There ARE ads, but it’s free so I can’t complain too much.

Things that may appear on the Livestream channel:

Guild Wars Usually early in the morning (5AM-7AM) or later in the evening. I’m almost always playing Tuesday evenings because Andrea is bowling.  And if we’re ever getting together to do anything extra special in game, I’ll probably Tweet about it before hand.

Desk Cam I have a webcam set up on my desk at work.  There’s not much to see, but I’ll occasionally turn it on in the afternoons.  You could see Hermie, our office Bonsai tree, the back of our News Director’s head, or me picking my nose.  I keep the sound disabled at work though out of courtesy to my co-workers.  Sorry.  Boring, I know.

Informational Stuffs At times I might do tutorials on computer related type things.  Livestream has the ability to record videos and save them for playback later, so even if you miss the live feed, you can go back and watch them on demand.

Video Podcasts This one is a long shot though, I don’t think anybody wants to see my ugly mug.  But if I have anything that would just be better suited for video… well at least there’s the option.

So check it out, I’ll try to use it when I can, and I’ll try to make it somewhat interesting when I do.  Or don’t watch it.  That’s a good option too.


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  1. I had about 2 minutes to check it out yesterday. Kinda cool!

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