Much to talk about…

The poor blog.  Fallen almost into a state of neglect as of late.  It’s just been busy.  Well… busy and with what free time I have I’ve been playing Guild Wars or N64.  Next few weeks should continue to be busy, but there’s a lot of things that could use a little more detail and should probably be dished out on the blog before I forget them forever.

We’re getting ready to move in about two weeks!  Finally leaving our weed selling, hillbilly neighbors behind!  The ones that have the cops visiting once a month and ride their ATVs through my yard.  Man, I’ll miss those guys.

Work is going at a furious pace, but going well.  Seems like I’m taking on more and more everyday.  Just often enough though, I have a day where I’m super productive and I am able to knock a ton of things out without interruption.

Little Luke is doing great as far as we can tell.  Andrea says he’s a kicking little guy, but I still can’t feel him very often.  We’ve got another appointment next week for some more baby checkups.

Off to work now, more blogs to come.


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