We’re In!

Need to trim some trees.

Living room... already messy.

Hey der, ho der.  We’re on the move.  Borrowed the van from work and loaded it to the gills.  Made two trips today, which really took care of about 90% of our crap if you exclude what we need for day to day living.  It’s looking pretty hollow in the current place.

If you’re worried, I’ve made sure Andrea is on light lifting duty.  But she’s still been more than helpful.  Like when I lifted up our first big box and the bottom busted out from under it.  DVD and Game boxes went everywhere!  She fix the box and got it re-packed while I was able to keep hauling out.

The new pace was pretty big when we looked at it, but now that we are starting to get our stuff in it, it’s really seeming big.  It’s gonna be nice, but it’s going to take a while to figure out what to do with all the space.  Amongst the most awesome features.  A garage opener (only one car garage though), a work shop in the garage, a fireplace in the living room, a nice big den in the basement, and plenty of storage.  It’s not perfect though.  It’s got some blemishes and some of the paint was sloppily done, but we don’t need anything that’s perfect.

Right now Andrea’s plan is to make the upstairs living room TV-less.  I’m all for this!  A nice fire in the fireplace and no TV to distract you.  And all the media stuff is going in the basement.  TV, computers all that going in the den/computer room.  The problem I think we’re going to run into is not enough furniture to sit in!

So the move is going smoothly so far.  All the big stuff like the appliances and desks and such aren’t getting moved until Sunday as we won’t have a truck until then.  But so far it’s good knowing it’s finally happening!  Can’t wait to have ya’ll  over and fire up the grill!

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