Holy crap everywhere!

All this crap is supposed to go... somewhere.

There are seriously boxes everywhere.  It’s a mess but starting to come together.  The kitchen is looking a lot better now than last night when I took that picture.

I think that's a fine place for the pet food bins.

One thing that is nice about this place is that the windows actually open and on the nice cool evenings we’ve been having you can open the windows up and just fill the house with fresh air.  I’d never seen one before, but this house has an attic fan what really moves some air and pulls some major air into the house.  The slats are kind of broken on it, but I can fix that eventually.

This will be the media room sooner or later.

Andrea’s made a lot of progress in the basement since this picture.  We decided that we wanted the TV to be separate from the living room upstairs, so that we have a nice place to sit and visit or just relax without the distraction of the TV (as if we get more than one channel).  So far I’m enjoying it.

The new command center.

And the computer room.  Contrasting popular belief this WASN’T the first room we started on.  The good news is everything is pretty much up and running.  I haven’t had time to fire up Guild Wars yet, but the network is perfect, and I even think the Wi-Fi reaches a bit further without all the plaster walls we had in the old place.

All in all it’s slowly taking shape.  I have some major work to do in the garage.  Get some trees trimmed, get the rest of the house all put together by the weekend.  That’s my goal.  After posting these disaster pictures, I’m committed now to posting some nice clean pictures of the house when we’re done.


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  1. It is looking better and better! I know it’s a lot of hard work, but very much worth it to make a house a home!

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