Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

Starting to feel like home

There’s still boxes to be unpacked, and a lot of rooms that could use some more seating (like the room with the TV) but it’s starting to feel a lot more like home now that we have some of our own stuff on the walls and been going through some daily chores it’s definitely starting to feel like our place.

Hasn’t been without some adventure though.  Our first run of the dishwasher found that it wouldn’t drain.  And it was filling to the point that it would leak out the door onto the kitchen floor.  Called the landlord who was great about being over that day to fix it.  So the next day we ran our first REAL load of dishes through.  Andrea and I were down stairs with her nephew and we both started to smell something funny…  I went upstairs to find the whole floor of the house was filled with smoke!  Not thick black smoke by any means, but the kind of smoke that fills the house when you burn the bacon (I would know!).  Odds were it came from the dishwasher, but after opening it I expected a ton of smoke to come billowing out, which it didn’t. So all of a sudden I wasn’t sure if it was the dishwasher or not, and if it wasn’t… was whatever it was still burning?

We kicked the attic fan on to clear out the atmosphere and paid close attention to see of there was any more smoke anywhere. When I didn’t find any it was safe to assume it WAS the dishwasher and apparently either from being flooded for so long, or a chemical they used to clean it out, the burner was just coated with crud and when the dry cycle kicked in it started smoking.  But nothing caught on fire, no damage caused so no harm no foul.  We’ve since run a couple smokeless loads through with no problems other than some real hard water.

There’s a couple other little issues that still need addressed.  There’s a small leak at the upstairs toilet, and the water softener seems to be out of commission.  The bypass for the water softener valve is broken, so I worry that running our water through a non working water softener could actually be making the water HARDER than it already is.  We’ll get to it all in time though.

I got out underneath the Toronado last night to address some exhaust issues.  I could tell for a while now that the exhaust was leaking pretty good.  The tail pipe was getting a little loose so I kinda parked it for a while until the move-in slowed down and I had a chance to look at it.  Didn’t want to go over some railroad tracks and have my muffler fly off.  After looking at it last night it’s a good thing!  The muffler was barely hanging on, so I pulled that and the rusty tail pipe.  Everything from the muffler forward was in pretty good shape, so I won’t worry about that too much.  But I’m determined to tackle this one by myself.  I’ve never done exhaust work before, but there’s a lot of stuff I’d never taken on before I got the Toronado.

So there’s a long update.  Looking forward to the upcoming camping trips and will be sure to snap lots of pictures!