Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

How the dog and the car almost died

Well last weekend was the big camping weekend at Kanopolis Lake.  We got off early, but everyone else had headed out there first thing so we were already going to be the last to arrive.  Andrea and I got off at about 2PM and stopped by the post office to pick up the mail before we packed up and hit the road.

As soon as I got back in the car, Andrea said, “Um… its stuck.”  Sure enough the damn car was stuck in park!  And we were double screwed because we couldn’t even put it in neutral to get a tow home.  So we walk back to the house.  Luckily nothing is farther than three blocks away from anything else in Albert!  We loaded up the tools in the back of the other car and headed back to see if I could figure anything out.  I tried several things, but finally just had to unhook the shifter and craw under the car and shift the transmission by hand, which at that time caused the car to start rolling with me under it!  Luckily Andrea was quick on the brake.

Next I swallowed some pride and walked over to the local restaurant and got the owner to help push the car into the street and give us a tow home.  I told him I’ll stop by his place and rack up a big bill here soon.

So we made it home.  And since we weren’t planning on taking Andrea’s car anyway we loaded up the Toronado as planned and got the heck out of town.  Figured I’d worry about the Cutlass when we got back.

Camping was great.  It’s always awesome seeing the family and the kids, and it was especially fun haning out with my buddy Chris!  We just don’t keep in touch the way we should so it was great to spend a little time hanging out.

One of the nights though, Daisy (who loves to bark at anything that moves within 1,500 ft) took off after a truck.  Andrea had her on a leash, but the leash slipped out of her hands.  So here goes this stupid little wiener dog chasing after a big ol diesel pickup in the middle of the night with a leash flapping behind her.  She runs along side yapping and yapping, then all of a sudden we could see Daisy in the headlights of the truck.  About half a second later she appears to trip over something and the truck rolls right OVER her.  She goes right between the tires and the truck keeps on going and a bewildered wiener dog finally notices Andrea screaming at her, and in a daze, trots straight back over to the campground.  Our guess is her leash she was dragging behind her got caught under a tire and tripped her up.

But despite some unnecessary excitement it was a very excellent weekend.  We got Andrea’s car fixed that following Monday after work and Daisy is still the same as always.