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Ha ha! Great Spam.

Found this on a site I was browsing this morning.  I am pasting it here verbatim other than changing the links so they don’t take you anywhere.

Just reading through I thought it was hilarious.  The sad thing is, if nobody were falling for this stuff, they wouldn’t be doing it.  So somebody must be clicking on this crap!  WHO?  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

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Long Day


It was quite the day.  My first ever baby shower!  We had all the friends and family over.  Our new house is a lot bigger than anything we’ve had before, but with so many people, it sure felt pretty cozy!

We are so blessed to have so many great people in our life!  We have MORE than enough baby stuff to make it through the first SEVERAL months.  We should be able to muster on from there!

So now just trying to put everything back together, and find places for all the new do-dads.  Can’t wait to see this little guy!

More Colorizing Stuff – Ye Olde Pump



Too late to blog

Aye carrumba.  I think that’s how you type it.  It’s far too late to be up doing this.  1am in fact.  Tomorrow I’ll be staring at the computer screen at work, eyes glazed over and thinking about how my eternal goal of setting up some kind of Utopian sleep schedule may never be attained.  Though if it where attainable, it wouldn’t be Utopian then would it.  Oh should I have such clarity of mind tomorrow at 3:17pm.

Today was Andrea and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary.  It was astoundingly unremarkable.  We had plans of going out to eat in Hays and making a deal of it.  But after we got home following a few kinks in the plan… it just seemed so forced to me.  Whether Andrea felt the same, I’m not sure.  But we decided to postpone the festivities.  We had a really awesome “breakfast for supper” and spent some time together just talking.  The whole time I was thinking about how this wasn’t really an anniversary, it was just another day… but BEING on our anniversary I couldn’t help but think of how much I LOVED being with her… every day.

She drifted off to sleep early, busy growing a baby, you know.  And I had some things to do.  I was waiting on some video to encode for work and somehow stumbled upon this story.  I had forgotten I’d even written it, and forgotten most of the things I had written about.  As I read through what was an unusually coherent story for me, I really reflected on where I’ve been.  Where I am now.  And how much I have (and haven’t) grown up.

You know there aren’t any chapters in life.  It’s all such a slow process that you don’t even notice the time that’s passed until you lift your head up from the page you happen to currently be writing and look at everything you’ve already “written”.  And you have that “holy crabcakes” moment where you think “I’ve been so deeply consumed with what’s been right in front of me for so long I’ve lost track of all that I’ve done“.  It was amazing to read that old story and think that that really was me.  And to recall those decisions I made at that time having no f’ng clue what all would happen in the next seven years.

The sobering thought for me is that I had a plan then.  Probably a plan with even greater clairvoyance than the plan I have now for life.  Remarkably much of what was planted back then has blossomed now and continues to grow.  Andrea and I are married 3 years, and Luke could conceivably be here any day now.  I’m still in radio after quite a bit of adversity and some really scary job moves.  If you asked me if I am where I thought I would be by now… I probably couldn’t give you a straight answer.  I’m somewhat where I expected to be, but got here ENTIRELY unlike anything I ever dreamed of.  Certainly a path I couldn’t have planned for, yet somehow walking distance from the original course.

As I read that it brought back a lot of personal thoughts about myself of the sort you never really share with people.  Not the dark or embarrassing kind.  The kind you don’t share because when people ask “How you been” they’d really rather not know anyway.  “Doing well” is efficient and expected in these encounters.  Had they or I been up for it, I could have opened with the oft overused, “I HAVE been pretty shitty and confused, but right now I feel quite effervescent so please don’t feel awkward.  I can only hope you are better than you have been as well!

I feel like I’ve grown… A LOT in seven years.  More mature, confident and determined than the clueless kid with a positive attitude I was back then.  But you ask me where I’ll be seven years from NOW, and I feel just as apprehensive, courageous and positive as I did back then.  I’m still intimidated about how I’m going to provide a living, now not just for myself, but my family.  How to grow in my career as to be a more valuable team member, and how to expand my skills should god forbid something unforeseen head my way.  If history is any indication you can be assured it will.  As intimidating as it all is, knowing what challenges have already come and gone, and how even the monstrously tough decisions did little in the way of straying us from our original path, it’s hard to be scared.

What I love about today, is how exciting tomorrow sounds. Know I can’t wait for tomorrow, to see what happens. And to be there when it does!

Practice vs. Predisposition

I knew someone growing up that always insisted that they, I or anyone could be just as good as anyone else given the right amount of effort and practice.  I rather, postulated that some are naturally gifted with certian talents and that neither she, I or anyone else would EVER be as good as them given equal amounts of effort and practice.

I submit to the court exhibit A:  A 5 year old drummer

This kid has already surpassed my skills as a drummer.  I’m not terrible, I’m not good.  I’m probably smack dab in the middle of the bell curve.  Lil’ Johnah there has a bright future ahead of him, because with plenty of practice he could potentially be the most phenomenal percussionist the world has ever seen.  Me?  Well if I practice long and hard enough, I could surely be good enough to be a professional drummer.  But I don’t know anyone who in their right mind would consider me a phenom.

I don’t want to short effort and ethic for achieving goals.  That’s not what this is about.  But just to lay to rest an old argument that we aren’t all created QUITE equal.  You have some God given abilities somewhere that others don’t.  Find ’em and use ’em!  Mine just happen to be in Mario Kart.  Haha!

Oh, it’s E3!

Man have I ever been out of the loop.  Didn’t even know it was E3 week until one of the people I follow on Twitter posted that they were heading out there.  I haven’t even been paying attention.

Apparently there’s rumors that there’s going to be a big Nintendo annoucement.  Which sounds about right.  I remember as a kid scheduling out time to watch the live stream of the E3 conference feed.  Of course back then on the internet, a live stream meant a tiny 240×180 postage stamped size video feed with blurry video and telephone like audio.  But it was still a thrill to see it all unfold live.

I’m gonna have to find an E3 2011 for Dummies guide or something.  I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be excited for yet!

Touching up the Mustang

Well this car is officially sold.  Payment has been recieved and it’s going to our niece Lyssa for her birthday this year.  Its going to be a great first car.  Heck, it was the only car we had that the AC was working! (More on fixing that in a future post).  But I wanted to touch up the bumpers as there were some scuffs from careless driving (mostly by me)!

So I turned to a trusty old friend:

Roll on, Darling.

There are many shortcomings of the Rustoleum roller paint job methods.  It’s not quite as nice as a professional paint job, it’s very labor intensive.  But one of the benefits is that it’s super easy to mask off a small area and do some touch up work like I’m about to do here.

I'd already sanded the trouble spots and masked it off.

After rolling on one coat its already looking better. (All one color at least).

While that coat was drying I wanted to get the rest of the paint good and polished up.  Its been sitting in the sun and the weather too long, and to be honest, just pretty much neglected since Andrea got the Cutlass.  That black paint had been baking in the sun and started to get that “chalky” look that you see on a lot of old paint jobs.  I was hoping some of my Meguier’s glaze could bring it back to life.

This is the paint even after being thoroughly washed. It still looked really weathered. The darker portion is where the glaze has already been applied.

So the glaze was doing a pretty good job.  In person you can still notice some imperfections, but overall it meets my “better than it was” gold standard.  After a coat of wax, it was looking almost as good as when we just painted it.

After 3 new coats on the bumper strip and a full wax on everything else. Not too shabby.


Waxing the bumpers will have to wait until the paint is fully cured. I figure a couple more days in the hot sun outta do it.

So there ya go.  Not too bad at all.  Should be great for a first car!  It’s been really nice getting out and working on the cars the past week or two.  It can be frustrating, yet therapeutic at the same time.

Lessons learned:  Drive more careful.  Keep your car waxed regularly (especially if it sits outside all the time).  And you’ll have a sweet looking car for years to come!

Taking it back to stock.

Man, I felt dumb.  Andrea’s car is a Cutlass Salon.  You’ve probably heard of the Cutlass Supreme.  That’s the cushy luxury version of the Cutlass.  The Salon is the sport version.  Comes with the chrome wheels, bucket seats stiffer suspension and blacked out grills.  Well since we’ve had the car it’s had Chrome grilles.  I figured someone just swapped the Supreme grilles on there.

Chrome Grills - Didn't come on a Cutlass Salon

One day while Andrea was washing the car I noticed the towel pulled off some of the chrome on the grill.  Turns out, it was just some stick on chrome that one of the previous owners just stuck on the original grille!  Peeled it all off and wha la!

Less chrome. Original look.

Which looks better is a matter of preference I guess.