Touching up the Mustang

Well this car is officially sold.  Payment has been recieved and it’s going to our niece Lyssa for her birthday this year.  Its going to be a great first car.  Heck, it was the only car we had that the AC was working! (More on fixing that in a future post).  But I wanted to touch up the bumpers as there were some scuffs from careless driving (mostly by me)!

So I turned to a trusty old friend:

Roll on, Darling.

There are many shortcomings of the Rustoleum roller paint job methods.  It’s not quite as nice as a professional paint job, it’s very labor intensive.  But one of the benefits is that it’s super easy to mask off a small area and do some touch up work like I’m about to do here.

I'd already sanded the trouble spots and masked it off.

After rolling on one coat its already looking better. (All one color at least).

While that coat was drying I wanted to get the rest of the paint good and polished up.  Its been sitting in the sun and the weather too long, and to be honest, just pretty much neglected since Andrea got the Cutlass.  That black paint had been baking in the sun and started to get that “chalky” look that you see on a lot of old paint jobs.  I was hoping some of my Meguier’s glaze could bring it back to life.

This is the paint even after being thoroughly washed. It still looked really weathered. The darker portion is where the glaze has already been applied.

So the glaze was doing a pretty good job.  In person you can still notice some imperfections, but overall it meets my “better than it was” gold standard.  After a coat of wax, it was looking almost as good as when we just painted it.

After 3 new coats on the bumper strip and a full wax on everything else. Not too shabby.


Waxing the bumpers will have to wait until the paint is fully cured. I figure a couple more days in the hot sun outta do it.

So there ya go.  Not too bad at all.  Should be great for a first car!  It’s been really nice getting out and working on the cars the past week or two.  It can be frustrating, yet therapeutic at the same time.

Lessons learned:  Drive more careful.  Keep your car waxed regularly (especially if it sits outside all the time).  And you’ll have a sweet looking car for years to come!


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