Clare Enfield

That's right, captured straight from my original Helen Hunt Gallery!

Every once in a while something happens you least expect.  Since WAY back in the 90’s.  (Ouch… it hurts to say “way” back in the 90’s) I’ve been wondering if I’d ever see this movie again.  Only You was a romantic comedy that I remember playing on HBO back when I was a kid.  I seriously have no idea why I glommed on to this film.  It’s really a cute show but at brief times the sexual themes (while far from explicit) were probably more than an 13 year old needed to be exposed to.  (Hey I turned out just fine, thank you.)  I never found the show on DVD, never hardly a frame of it to be seen on the internet.  Lo and behold it popped up on Netflix!

In retrospect this was a significant movie in that it began a long… I still refuse to call it an obsession… admiration of Helen Hunt’s popular work.  As I watched the film again for the first time in 15 years, it was amazing how much I remembered.  Made me wonder how many times I’d seen this show.  Infact I remember taking those monthly HBO schedules we’d get in the mail and finding each and every instance of Only You so I could be sure to catch every possible show.  (still… NOT obsessed.  I stand by it.)  But just little moments, mostly audio that felt VERY familiar.

Actually watching the movie again I think I finally realized what it was that drew me to Helen Hunt in a big way.  You aren’t going to believe me… but it’s… her voice.  I just can’t quite explain it but there’s something about her voice that just feels honest and comfortable.  I dunno.  Hard to explain.

Okay, enough weirdness.  So strange to travel down these old paths that just don’t quite fit any more who I am today.  Kind of like visiting your old elementary school and realizing the old hallways actually just aren’t as wide or tall as you remember them.  You feel like you belong there in your heart, but it doesn’t take long to stop and know that you don’t belong there anymore.

If you feel so enclined, enjoy Only You now available on Hulu & Netflix!  It’s not an award winner, but it’s a cute, albeit predictable movie.  And hopefully you can appreciate the role of Clare Enfield as much as I did back in the day.

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