Daily Archives: July 21, 2011


Last night around 10:15pm I noticed it felt pretty warm in the house, so I checked to see if we just had turned the AC off for the night or what. Unfortunately the fan was still blowing, but it wasn’t cold. A quick check outside proved the AC unit wasn’t running in the back yard.

Figured we’d make it through the nights so decided to call the landlord in the morning.  So today he said he’d try to get somebody over here but it was a pretty busy day for AC guys.  I figured that was true and we aren’t any more important than anyone else on the list, so we left the dog with plenty of water and headed off to work.  Forecasted high of only 106 today.

Got home at 5:30pm or so and the landlord and the AC guy were there waiting for me.  Apparently the landlord didn’t bring the right keys or something to get into the house.  They didn’t have to wait long though, and I was able to let them in.  First thing the AC guy did… was check the breaker.  WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!  It never even occurred to me for some reason.  But he flips that on, lo and behold the AC fires right up.  He hooks some gauges up just to make sure it’s operating correctly and it appears to be.  Guess it’s just been running so much lately with the 100+ temperatures  that it started drawing enough current to keep up and the breaker tripped.

So quite humbled I thanked both men and they headed to their vehicles.  Soon after I heard a knock again at the door.  It was the AC guy.  He needed a jumpstart because his van battery was dead.  I CAN DO THAT!  So somewhat redeeming my pride I jumpstarted him and he was on his way.

In the end, its all good.  AC is working and recovering.  I’d previously tweeted that we’d save a bunch of money by not running the AC while it was broke.  Of course Andrea was probably right when she said we’re going to spend all the money we saved getting the house back down to 85!  No kidding!  It’s toast-erriffic in here!