Belly Button

They grow up so fast… *sniffle*.  Lucas’ umbilical cord remains fell off today.  Kinda nasty really.  Just like a big scab.  I guess some people save those things… not us.  Blech!

His circumcision ring fell off a few days ago, so he’s now pretty much how he’ll be the rest of his life.  Kinda crazy.

It’s all been going real well.  Well from my perspective at least.  Maybe Andrea would say differently since she gets to spend a little more time with him, but he’s just an awesome little boy.  Doesn’t cry a whole lot, and when he does, you can pretty much just bet that he’s hungry.  He’s been sleeping fairly well too.  Sometimes a little challenging to get him put to bed for the night, but once he’s there, he’ll sleep for a good 3 to 4 hours.  The other night he slept from 1:30am all the way to 8:00am.  That was pretty friggin awesome if you were wondering!  Haha.

So far, it’s hard to imagine that he doesn’t belong here.  Before we got pregnant you always wonder “if you’re ready”, well I guess it just doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t.  Since he’s been around it just feels like he was meant to be here all along.


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  1. I can’t wait to see all of you! Can’t wait to hold Little Man!!!!! He is growing so quickly! Not only is he where he belongs, you and Andrea are where you belong!

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