It’s on now.

I’ve had this thing for a while now.  Won it on eBay for $5.  What it does is let you transfer your N64 memory card saves to your computer where you can then archive them, share them, etc.

Whoa... serial port. Do I have a serial port?

I had to do some checking.  I know neither Andrea or I’s computer have a serial port.  I’d hate to order an expansion card just for this thing.  But I lucked out because the server which it a little more dated DOES have a COM port.  So we’re in business.  Now just to make sure it meets the system requirements.

I think we'll be fine.

So, got the device hooked up.  Now to install the software!

Uhh... what do you do with these?

While I lucked out on the COM port… out of the 4 PCs in the house, none of them have a floppy drive.  I mean when’s the last time you ever used one?  What could you even store on a 1.44 MB drive these days?  Again digging through our boneyard I found a ye olde USB floppy drive.  And was able to hook that up to the server.

Nostalgia always seems to emphasize the best version of your memories.  But installing this software really brought back some of the gritty truth that was 90’s computing.  First off, it was slow.  Waiting for the drive to read, then waiting for the program to load, and then waiting for it to install… it was a pretty lenghty process… especially considering how this program COULDN’T be larger than 2.88MB.  And to make matters worse, by the time I finally got to disk two, either time or some other form of decay had wiped out the second disc.  So all that searching for a floppy was for naught!

I was able to find a version of the software online luckily.  And from there, installation took only a few seconds.  As much as I jabber about “the good ole days” I have to remember they actually sucked just as much as “any other days” haha!

Ready to roll!

What this all means:

First off, I’ve gone from two memory cards, to basically an unlimited number of memory cards.  There are a few games which take up a large chunk, if not ALL of the space on a Memory Card.  So this will allow me to save more data.

I can Archive and organize my data.  Before I was limited to saving at most four Mario Kart 64 ghosts.  Now I have the opportunity not only to save ghosts for every track, but as many ghosts as I want!  So I can save top 5 fastest for each track.   With shortcuts, without.  And I can label and catogorize my data.

My data is safer.  Third party memory cards were notorious for corrupting data.  And while Nintendo’s own cards are certainly of higher quality, they aren’t immune by any stretch.  I remember one of my cards being corrupted as a kid, and just a few days ago, one of my cards was again corrupted.  It’s what prompted me to finally install the DexDrive.  Now I can transfer all my saves to the hard drive, and have them backed up regularly.

So I continue to be hopelessly obsessed with all things N64 right now.  My new joystick should be here next week for one of my worn out controllers.  I’m hoping it’s more comparable to the original controller than the knock-off I bought a while ago.  Though I’m still considering buying a few more knock offs to torture on Mario Kart.

And I’m continuing with my next re-review playthough.  It might be a while, because I’m really having a lot of fun with this game.  I guarantee you won’t wait as long for the re-review as I waited for the game to actually come out!

Play on, my friends!  And come on over for some multiplayer sometime!


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  1. Says the girl wearing the Yoshi t-shirt…

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