Well I dunno what to say about this one.  Sometimes people just do extraordinary things for no reason.  A buddy of mine, got ahold of me a few days ago and said, check your mail in the next few days.  I sent you something.  Turns out it was a brand new Nintendo 3DS!  I’d seen these in the store and thought they looked pretty friggin amazing, but they were out of my price range.  So for him to just send me one is… baffling for one… and totally awesome.  I hope someday soon I can return the favor.

So basically it’s the standard DS, but with some very siginifcant enhancements.  Most obviously the upper screen is in true 3D.  It takes a little getting used to, but after a while you adjust to it and it is pretty amazing how well it all works.  And no glasses required!

Another welcome addition is the analogue thumbstick.  It’s like a compact joystick that really works rather well.  Nothing against the ole D-pad, but this is what’s kept me from enjoying some of my old N64 stuff in portable form on the DS.  Speaking of which, they’ve already remade a few N64 titles in true 3D.  Zelda, and coming out soon… Star Fox 64.  Gonna have to sock away some cash for those now!

The 3DS borrows a lot from the Wii.  You can make Miis, and there’s an online store where you can buy (or find free) software.  They have a virtual console where there’s all sorts of retro Nintendo titles available.  And you can get online and play multiplayer with friends.

Of course right now the only other person I know that has a 3DS is the one that gave me this one!  But after spending some solid time with it and playing PilotWings Resort.. I HIGHLY recommend the 3DS to anyone, especially since they just had an $80 price drop!


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