Luke’s First Trip

Well we just got back last night from Wichita.  Luke’s first real road trip.  It’s about a 2 hour drive to Wichita, and he slept (like a baby) all the way down there UNTIL we got off the interstate.  We had to pull off for a detour for road construction and he just cut loose for the last 10 minutes of the drive until we got to Andrea’s sisters’ house.

He just has no tolerance for slowing down, haha.  On the way home, Andrea was driving and I sat in the back seat next to his car seat.  He would zonk out… until we hit a red light.  He’d bawl and bawl, then once we started going again he’d calm down.  Hit another red light, same thing!  It was so funny.  Once we got on the interstate doing 70mph he was out for good.

All in all he traveled pretty well.  We had to stop once on the way back so Andrea could feed him, and after he had a full tummy, he again slept great all the way home.

It was nice to see everybody.  Always seems like so much running to see everybody when we just go back for a weekend, whether it to Wichita, or Cimarron.  But it’s always worth it.


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