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Happy Halloween!


Productive Day

One of the things I need to get back to with the blog, is just writing about the small stuff.  It’s been a good day by most accounts.

I had to work a remote today.  I think I’ve written this before, but remotes are one of those things that I dread right up until the first break on the air, after that it’s really fun.  So I don’t know why I dread them so much.  But today’s remote started at 12:00.  Ample time to dread it, but also a nice amount of time to sleep in and ease into the day.  I got up and let the dog out.  Fired up the coffee, and made some rice in my rice-maker.  Kind of an odd breakfast dish, I know, but the cupboards are getting bare and we haven’t gotten to the store yet.  But a little sugar, an a nice breakfast it was.

Tossed some clothes in the wash and folded what was left in the dryer.  Even had a little time to peruse  my regular sites.  So before I even got out of my PJ’s, I felt like I’d already got a good start on a Sunday.

So I headed in to work listening to one of my new favorite podcasts, the podcast.  I know you’re not supposed to drive with headphones in, but heck… it was rural blacktop, and it’s no worse than the people that drive around with their stereo’s so loud all you can hear is their license plate rattling on the trunk.  It’s a fun group of people to listen to, and they do a great job of aggregating all the Nintendo news of the week that I haven’t been able to keep up with.

So I get to work in a pretty good mood and get loaded up and ready to go.  As I turned on the station van to head to the remote, I noticed the station I was supposed to be doing the remote on was off the air!  (I might have noticed sooner if I hadn’t been listening to a podcast on the way in!)  So I called the engineer and he was heading out there, but hadn’t quite left yet, so that pretty much meant that it wasn’t going to be back on the air before the remote started.  Luckily the client was agreeable to moving the broadcast to another one of our stations, and luckily a co-worker was back at the station to facilitate things on that end.  So all worked out well!

I stuck around at work a little bit after the remote to get a jump on Monday’s work.  It’s gonna be crazy next week as we have to produce out spots for two sports teams in about 24 hours, that with less than full staff as people are on vacation.  But sometimes it’s easier to get everyone motivated at work when the deadline is looming, rather than having plenty of time to get it done.  Heck, that’s EVERYthing around there.  Ha ha.  We definitely do some of our best work under pressure.  Be that as it may, I’m still hoping for a somewhat manageable pace to the day.

When we decided that Andrea was going to be a stay at home Mom, we put ourselves on a budget (which we should have done LONG ago).  So after work I was pretty hungry, but with the food budget already over for the month, and the cupboards bare, I had to get creative.  See here’s the thing.  When we’re “out of food” we aren’t really out of food.  We’re out of things you can pop into the microwave or oven and eat.  I had some leftover rice, and hot links that were about to expire.  Not a conventional combination, but adding some cheese and tobasco for a little more kick, a couple spices, and one heck of a decent dish.

And look at this!  I got to write a healthy blog post!  Here’s to a fruitful week ahead!

Lucas James

Here’s  some pics of Luke from the past couple of days. Here’s our little geek!





Holy Haven’t Posted!

Wow, I never anticipated how hard it would be to keep up with the blog after Luke got here. I can’t really blame it all on him though. It’s not like I was making regular updates before!  But it’s been a while so figured I should do a general update.

First off, Luke is doing great.  That’s always the first question everyone asks, so I should get it out of the way.  Ha ha.  Really though, he’s healthy, he smiles a lot.  I don’t think we could have realistically got any better of a kid.  Andrea says she still is enjoying being a stay at home Mom.  At least it hasn’t been bad enough yet to complain about.

Work has been really busy.  Lots of remotes and just got back from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters’ convention.  I won a second place award for our station website  It’s nothing special though.  And actually the website will be going away here in the next few months as we merge all the station websites into one.  Anyway, rather than recognition for the award, I mostly went to see some other folks from our company.  It was funny though.  I’m such a boring person.  The first night of the convention after the banquet I went up to our very nice hotel room.

I mean here ya go.  I started writing this one hour ago and this is as far as I’ve gotten.  Where was I?  Maybe I should keep track of the interruptions?

Okay, so I finish eating and head up to the hotel room.  I kick back and relax a bit and turn on the World Series.  My roommate for the night decided that he was going to go for a run on the

Sorry interrupted again.

He was going on a run on the KU campus and go see some of the landmarks.  I’m more of a walker than a runner, and didn’t bring anything besides my dress shoes anyway.  So I watched some football and figured if anyone is going out they’ll text me.  So I watch about an inning and a half of baseball and the big supper is really starting to kick in.  The comfy bed is feeling better every moment.  So I decide that if anyone was heading out, they’d already done so by now, and I wasn’t missed so I was gonna settle in and enjoy a little solitary time.  I get the PJ’s on and almost immediately thereafter, I get a

Sorry about that.

I got my pj’s on and right away

Dang it.

PJ’s were on and THEN I get the message to come down and hang out… Sorry guys.  That ship sailed.  I’m anchored to the bed now.  Haha!  So I finished out the game while playing a little Zelda: Oracle of Sea


Oracle of Seasons.  I did make some progress!  Then I finished up listening to a podcast I downloaded over the weekend and drifted off to sleep.

The funniest part of the trip was the drive home though.  I was driving the station van and we got off the turnpike in Topeka and immediately after the toll booth, the road was closed.  (We later found out someone had attempted suicide on the interstate and that’s why the closed the road).

Okay, hold on.  I have to make a small aside here.  I think suicide is the most selfish act a person can commit.  I understand there’s disorders and mental conditions that can lead to tragic suicide.  But I have little compassion for someone who uses it as a way to escape what they choose not to deal with by committing an act that only effects those around them and not themselves (they’re dead).  Take this guy.  Forget any family and friends who have to clean up the mess of finances, family, and are emotionally scared.  But closed down the busiest road in the state for hours and collectively wasted hours of people’s time.  So forgive me if I don’t think of a suicide as tragic.  I just makes me think that person was an irresponsible asshole.  But with that said…

We were guided off the highway to some north bound four lane and I said, “Well I’ll just follow the detour signs”.  But after about 5 miles it became apparent that there were no detour signs.  So we jog west a bit


We went west and then headed back towards I-70 again.  Got on, but noticed that the hiway was pretty desolate.  Sure enough, next exit, they had another road block set up.  So we got off there and were in pretty desparate need of gas as we’d planned on stopping in Topeka to get gas, and couldn’t really afford to be running all over town just trying to get from one side to the other.  So I pulled in to a Phillips 66 station, but what seemed like a decent neighborhood at a glance started


We pulled in and slowly started noticing bars on the windows and the sketchy nature of the clientele.  Well, too late, we’d already committed.  They card reader at the pump didn’t work.  Infact pre-pay was the only option.  The gal at the counter said too many people were driving off so it was pre-pay only (go figure).  So after several swipes and two different gas pumps we finally got 3/4 of a tank of gas which was enough to get home and we got the hell out of there.

We headed south until we found something… anything that looked like a major through road that headed west in Topeka so we could get around the dang road blocks.  We found Topeka Blvd. which was the only street that sounded familiar to all three of us in the Van.  Of course road construction had this down to 1 lane a lot of the way.  Basically by the time it was all said and done it took us an hour to get through Topeka.

Once on the interstate the rest of the trip was really pretty uneventful.

I’ve been doing a lot of gaming lately.  I’ve found that now that my free time is divided up a lot more, it’s a lot easier to play console games and just hit pause when needed and come back whenever I can.  Maybe even the next day.  Guild Wars you can do that to an extent if you’re not playing with anyone, but if you’re going to be gone for an extended period, you have to stay logged in then hope that you haven’t got disconnected by the time you come back.  So console gaming is just easier.

And even better beyond that, I’ve found that

Hold up… baby is getting grumpy.

I’ve found that portable gaming is really awesome.  If Luke is hanging out upstairs and Andrea is on the laptop, I can grab the DS or Game Boy and go hang out with them and if something comes up with Luke I can just pause and help out, or if Andrea and I start talking, it’s easy to just put it down and come back to it later, no matter where we happen to be in the house.

So that’s got me on eBay now looking at a lot of old Game Boy stuff trying to figure out if I can fill out my portable gaming collection any more.  Because unlike my console game collection, I’ve actually beaten and completed most of my handheld games.  The only one I haven’t, Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Poor kid…getting squirmy.

I’ve gotten pretty far in that Zelda game this time around.  Farther than

Well I walked him around for a while, I think he’s hungry, but momma doesn’t think so.  She’s probably right.

Anyway, I’ve gotten farther than I ever have before on that game.  Thanks so much to for bringing to light this great game I still had and never beaten.

Hey, what do you know, he was hungry!

Well it’s been three hours since I started this… I’d better get to bed.  Work tomorrow!


Luke’s first real laugh!

He’s cooed and grinned alot.  But Andrea got a cell phone video of Luke’s first real laugh! The good part is about 30 seconds in!