Productive Day

One of the things I need to get back to with the blog, is just writing about the small stuff.  It’s been a good day by most accounts.

I had to work a remote today.  I think I’ve written this before, but remotes are one of those things that I dread right up until the first break on the air, after that it’s really fun.  So I don’t know why I dread them so much.  But today’s remote started at 12:00.  Ample time to dread it, but also a nice amount of time to sleep in and ease into the day.  I got up and let the dog out.  Fired up the coffee, and made some rice in my rice-maker.  Kind of an odd breakfast dish, I know, but the cupboards are getting bare and we haven’t gotten to the store yet.  But a little sugar, an a nice breakfast it was.

Tossed some clothes in the wash and folded what was left in the dryer.  Even had a little time to peruse  my regular sites.  So before I even got out of my PJ’s, I felt like I’d already got a good start on a Sunday.

So I headed in to work listening to one of my new favorite podcasts, the podcast.  I know you’re not supposed to drive with headphones in, but heck… it was rural blacktop, and it’s no worse than the people that drive around with their stereo’s so loud all you can hear is their license plate rattling on the trunk.  It’s a fun group of people to listen to, and they do a great job of aggregating all the Nintendo news of the week that I haven’t been able to keep up with.

So I get to work in a pretty good mood and get loaded up and ready to go.  As I turned on the station van to head to the remote, I noticed the station I was supposed to be doing the remote on was off the air!  (I might have noticed sooner if I hadn’t been listening to a podcast on the way in!)  So I called the engineer and he was heading out there, but hadn’t quite left yet, so that pretty much meant that it wasn’t going to be back on the air before the remote started.  Luckily the client was agreeable to moving the broadcast to another one of our stations, and luckily a co-worker was back at the station to facilitate things on that end.  So all worked out well!

I stuck around at work a little bit after the remote to get a jump on Monday’s work.  It’s gonna be crazy next week as we have to produce out spots for two sports teams in about 24 hours, that with less than full staff as people are on vacation.  But sometimes it’s easier to get everyone motivated at work when the deadline is looming, rather than having plenty of time to get it done.  Heck, that’s EVERYthing around there.  Ha ha.  We definitely do some of our best work under pressure.  Be that as it may, I’m still hoping for a somewhat manageable pace to the day.

When we decided that Andrea was going to be a stay at home Mom, we put ourselves on a budget (which we should have done LONG ago).  So after work I was pretty hungry, but with the food budget already over for the month, and the cupboards bare, I had to get creative.  See here’s the thing.  When we’re “out of food” we aren’t really out of food.  We’re out of things you can pop into the microwave or oven and eat.  I had some leftover rice, and hot links that were about to expire.  Not a conventional combination, but adding some cheese and tobasco for a little more kick, a couple spices, and one heck of a decent dish.

And look at this!  I got to write a healthy blog post!  Here’s to a fruitful week ahead!

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