Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

Glad the weekend is here, because I’m about out of energy.

Ahh, so glad that it is finally Saturday.  I still have a remote and some voice tracking to do yet today, but all in all, it’s gonna be a nice, slow day.  Seriously nice, though they’re talking 70 for the high today.  Which for mid November I will take it!

All this week I’ve been so far behind at work.  I took Monday off to spend some extra time in SWK, and came back to work with a stack of stuff.  And a deadline of Wednesday to get our auction page up on our new website.  In the end, what happened, was I worked All day Tuesday until about 2AM Wednesday morning.  I slept for a couple hours at my desk and got up at 5AM to do the morning show.  That 3 hour nap though did wonders (even if it wasn’t the most comfortable) because I made it through a full day Wednesday and stayed up until about 5PM before konking out again.

So I don’t want to spend every week like this.  But I look back and can at least say I got a lot accomplished.  Next week will actually be pretty fun.  My workload won’t be as strenious and our live radio auction will be Friday, which is always a good lot of fun.

For as much as I’ve gotten done at work, I feel like I haven’t got anything done at home.  I come home and grab lil’ Luke and feel like I should really give Andrea something of a break, so I try to help there.  Next thing you know, it’s 10:30 and my bed time.

I did fix the grill on Andrea’s Cutlass.  When we headed out to Cimarron last weekend, the wind was blowing 40mph and a g.d. tumble weed blew straight into the front of the car.  Busted the driver’s side grill.  I super glued it back together we’ll see if it holds.  JB Weld is the stuff to use, but I was out.  Although the superglued hood ornament on my Toro is still holding together 5 years later.  Hehe.  Geeze, didn’t realize there was so much glue keeping our cars together!