Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

This might be my favorite picture in the world.

My day is never what I expect

I was totally looking forward to today at work.  I had been so slammed last week that I was looking forward to getting caught up.

Before I get my coat off, there’s a note on my desk, “Business line on the phone doesn’t work”.  Great.  So I spent the first hour and a half of my day troubleshooting that and calling the phone company and the place that sold us our phone system as they passed the buck back and forth.

Next our midday person calls in sick, so I have to fill in not one, but both of the shows they record for the day.

Then the boss says, Oh… sorry for the late notice, but we have a meeting at 10am today that we need you to attend.

After lunch I got an e-mail asking me to write some scripts to automate the download of some shows for another market.

And finally, I got asked to fill in for ANOTHER show before the day was over.

Wisely I said “no” to the last two.  Heck I didn’t have time anyway.

Maybe tomorrow will be easy?