Maintaining my KartMaster ‘Cred

I can’t believe there’s been seven Mario Karts…  Makes me realize how long I’ve been playing games.

I got this for Christmas from my Brother in Law Josh for Christmas, and so far it’s pretty awesome.  I’m still working through 50ccs and haven’t had a whole lot of time with it, but I can once again say I have every Mario Kart game!  I actually just got the original Super Mario Kart on Wii Virtual console a couple weeks ago for 100 Nintendo Club points!  If you aren’t registering your Wii games at, you’re really missing out on some cool bonuses.  And if you aren’t going to make a Club Nintendo account… can I have your registration codes inside the boxes!?

It was really cool though, because my nephew Nik wanted me to open my present so bad.  He even wanted me to open it before he opened up his own presents.  I thought that was just too awesome that he was getting that happy about giving a present, when so many kids you see are just gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.  He’s a pretty awesome guy!

I’ll write some more about the game after I’ve had some time to sit down an play it to a greater extent.  Which will be right after I publish this post!


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